Meet the managers

Tony and Shelina Rudd purchased their first home in 2003, with a belief that they can make a difference. Their vision centered on a wish to provide home’s from home. Homes that catered for the individual and focussed on quality care and facilities. Their goal is to become a leading provider of high quality residential care in the East of England.

Hill House

Registered Manager
Suzanne Moore

I have worked in the Care environment for many years, starting as a care assistant, then making my way up to a senior carer and then team leader.

I am have obtained my Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management & Leadership. Having completed my Dementia Champion training I continue to enjoy putting my knowledge into practice.
It is a privilege and an honour to be part of ADR Care Homes. I am passionate about promoting independence to all our residents and working closely with the staff team to deliver high quality care, respect and dignity for every resident.

I ensure tailored care plans are put in place for each individual resident. This is done by working closely with our residents and their loved ones. This enables my team and I to deliver person centred care, supporting our residents to enjoy a high quality of life within a care setting.

Hill House is a listed building set in beautiful gardens. This enables us to create a home-from-home atmosphere for our residents. We encourage residents and families alike to promote interaction in the day-to-day running of our household.

Our philosophy is to encourage service users to participate in their own care as much as possible, whilst maintaining their dignity and privacy within a communal setting.
We try to inspire our residents to make informed choices and maximise their abilities and passion for life.

St Catherine’s House

Registered Manager
Valerie Phillips

Hello my name is Valerie Phillips . I have worked in the care sector for over 7 years. My passion has always been to work with people. I started my career working at the House of Lords for several ministers and then moved to MENCAP/Gateway the Learning disabilities sector. I specialist in Activities and integration of our clients which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have always had a love for the elderly and decided to move into the care sector for this client group.

It has been a both challenging and rewarding and I am happy that I made the right choice. I am a keen advocate for providing care that delivers cultural and religious needs.

At present I am enhancing my knowledge by studying for NVQ Level 5 which I am enjoying tremendously. I am a keen learner and believe an individual is always learning. Through this knowledge and experience I endeavour to deliver care that is focused on my individual residents. Families and loved ones a extremely important to our care delivery as often do not aware of individual histories and our residents maybe unable to share this with us.

I believe in creating a staff team who is competent, compassionate and caring and I do this from the top down being hands on and not office based. As a team, within St Catherines, we have a shared goal to put smiles on our residents faces.

We ensure continuous wellbeing of our residents including the ability to make choices and promote their independence. I enjoy building up trust based on a solid relationship and positive outcomes. I have a proactive working relationship with the multi-disciplinary team including health professionals and social works. It has been said to me if they could bottle my passion of working with the elderly and vulnerable it would be a product well worth selling!

Proper home for its residents with a warm friendly atmosphere generated by loyal and experienced staff