Meet the managers

Tony and Shelina Rudd purchased their first home in 2003, with a belief that they can make a difference. Their vision centered on a wish to provide home’s from home. Homes that catered for the individual and focussed on quality care and facilities. Their goal is to become a leading provider of high quality residential care in the East of England.

Keneydon House

Home Manager
Lisa Siggee

I have been working in the care industry for over 25 years, I am passionate about person centred care, and within the management role I can ensure every individual resident within our home receives the highest level of care which embraces dignity, safety and quality.
My experience of care has been developed by starting as a career and progressing into a management role.
I am committed to continuous training for myself and my team.
I believe it is important to keep myself and my team well skilled and qualified to enable us to deliver care to the highest standard.
These qualifications enable me to ensure my existing team and any new recruits are trained in house and deliver care for focused on individual resident needs.
My job satisfaction is seeing smiling residents and a happy staff team, I have a fantastic working relationship with all professionals that attend Keneydon House including G.P, D.N, C.P.H and social workers.
This relationship has been developed over six years that I have worked at Keneydon House.
Over the years I have built a positive communication channel with all families and friends of our residents. This has built trust and understanding between the team and families. I have found the support from the families an invaluable resource when working with our residents loved ones to provide person centred care.
I have a good understanding of dementia through Bradford College Level 2 and I am the Dementia Champion for a Care Setting.
I am an Assessor for the Care Certificate and also Moving and Handling Instructor.
I hold a Diploma level 3 in Health and Social Care, Level 2 in Team leadership, Level 3 Diploma in Management. I am currently enjoying undertaking my Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management & Leadership.

Hill House

Acting Manager
Nicola Schofield

I have worked in the Care environment for 12years, starting as a care assistant, then making my way up to a senior carer and then team leader. I am now deputy manager at Hill House ensuring all regulations are met.
I am currently enjoying studying for my Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management & Leadership. Having completed my Dementia Champion training I continue to enjoy putting my knowledge into practice.
It is a privilege and an honour to be part of ADR Care Homes. I am passionate about promoting independence to all our residents and working closely with the staff team to deliver high quality care, respect and dignity for every resident.

I ensure tailored care plans are put in place for each individual resident. This is done by working closely with our residents and their loved ones. This enables my team and I to deliver person centred care, supporting our residents to enjoy a high quality of life within a care setting.

Hill House is a listed building set in beautiful gardens. This enables us to create a home-from-home atmosphere for our residents. We encourage residents and families alike to promote interaction in the day-to-day running of our household.

Our philosophy is to encourage service users to participate in their own care as much as possible, whilst maintaining their dignity and privacy within a communal setting.
We try to inspire our residents to make informed choices and maximise their abilities and passion for life.

Bethany Francis

Home Manager
Kelly Payne

I started as a care assistant in the community and have worked my way up to Home Manager. I have NVQs including Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management & Leadership. I have always enjoyed caring for the elderly and find listening to their life stories very inspiring and fascinating. I am very much a hands-on manager and will help the care team wherever I can. I have an open-door policy so that any of my team, residents, professionals or indeed family members can come and talk to me when they have any worries or concerns or just for a chat.
I have been at Bethany Francis since September 2014 and have enjoyed every minute of my time. Here at Bethany Francis House we have a really good team of care staff including a cook who enjoys making many home-made foods which our residents really enjoy and look forward to. Our team will always go that extra mile to cater for all of our resident’s needs.
Here at Bethany Francis House we like to think that it is a home from home and we pride ourselves in the way we look after our residents who we think of as one big family.
I believe the most important aspect of our home is that we look after each resident as an individual, concentrating on individual care needs. Our care planning reflects this ethos in that they are person-centred and focused on the individual.
Our Team ensures they get to know our residents individually and develop friendship and trust. At all times we want the residents to feel at Home and encourage as much participation as they are able with their daily living within Bethany.

St Catherine’s House

Home Manager
Valerie Phillips

Hello my name is Valerie Phillips . I have worked in the care sector for over 7 years. My passion has always been to work with people. I started my career working at the House of Lords for several ministers and then moved to MENCAP/Gateway the Learning disabilities sector. I specialist in Activities and integration of our clients which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have always had a love for the elderly and decided to move into the care sector for this client group.

It has been a both challenging and rewarding and I am happy that I made the right choice. I am a keen advocate for providing care that delivers cultural and religious needs.

At present I am enhancing my knowledge by studying for NVQ Level 5 which I am enjoying tremendously. I am a keen learner and believe an individual is always learning. Through this knowledge and experience I endeavour to deliver care that is focused on my individual residents. Families and loved ones a extremely important to our care delivery as often do not aware of individual histories and our residents maybe unable to share this with us.

I believe in creating a staff team who is competent, compassionate and caring and I do this from the top down being hands on and not office based. As a team, within St Catherines, we have a shared goal to put smiles on our residents faces.

We ensure continuous wellbeing of our residents including the ability to make choices and promote their independence. I enjoy building up trust based on a solid relationship and positive outcomes. I have a proactive working relationship with the multi-disciplinary team including health professionals and social works. It has been said to me if they could bottle my passion of working with the elderly and vulnerable it would be a product well worth selling!

St Nicholas

Acting Manager
Kathleen Reed

I have been in the care sector since I was 16 years old, gaining experience along the way. I worked in a Norfolk hospital for 10 years as a nursing auxiliary, then left to have a baby. I am well versed with dealing with the day to day needs of our residents.

I joined ADR Care Homes as a senior carer during this time I achieved my level 3 in Health and Social care and am currently studying for my NVQ Level 5 in Management. ADR Care Homes has fully supported me in my roles and enabled me to use all my skills effectively to deliver person centered care. I am always learning and sharing my knowledge as I understand this enhances our care delivery

I like to make a difference to people’s lives promoting independence, dignity and respect. I am passionate about delivering person centered care plans individualizing each one and working with families to achieve this. I am a keen believer in working with all our professional colleagues to deliver care that we would be proud for our own loved ones to receive.

I am a keen organizer of activities for our residents and forging relationships with the local community such as local school, church, theater and businesses. This enables our residents to feel part of the community within Sheringham and gives them great joy.

St Nicholas

Operations Manager
Sue Schofield

I have worked in the care environment for 24 years originally starting as a care assistant.

I am calm, confident, and a caring health and social care professional. I have a wealth of diverse experience including managing both community care and residential services. I lead by example with very high professional standards. I thrive in varied and complex environments especially when given autonomy to make decisions and facilitate practical solutions through people. I am well organised and enjoy managing a busy workload, meeting regular and unexpected targets. Underpinning everything I have a genuine desire to make a positive difference not only to those receiving services but also to those working in service delivery.

It is an honour to be part of ADR Care Homes, I am passionate about promoting independence to our residents and working closely with the staff team to ensure we deliver person centred care enabling residents to enjoy a high quality meaningful life.

I ensure that the service is run in the best interest of the residents taking overall responsibility for the quality of care provided. Encourage team work, commitment and high standards of professional performance at all levels.

I have gained a wealth of diverse training to enable me to meet the specialist needs of all residents we care.

I have overall responsibility for the running of all homes within the ADR Care Group and have a very close working relationship with the Directors. We have worked together for many years and are constantly striving to delivery our aims and objectives within the group.

I work closely with all local authorities including social services and mental health teams. I am also a very hands on Operational Manager who participates in handovers, doctors and nurses rounds, and professional visits as often as I can.

Proper home for its residents with a warm friendly atmosphere generated by loyal and experienced staff